Sitting amidst the floral abundance that lazily swings in the delicate breeze, light flickering under the leaves, I feel wondrous gratitude. I travel in my mind’s eye to the place and time of another existence, a memory.

The touch of the stone brings it all back. The vibration of old continues it never dies. The Abbey, this place, remains for its intended purpose—–to be a haven for all that is holy and good.

Creation is abundant here. Growing, changing, dreaming simultaneously.

The earth grows, the seasons change and we dream of moments such as this in the garden of solitude among the buzzing bees pollinating the dainty while flowers.

I close my eyes and drift into dreaming…

The stone arches are witnesses to history of many types, some events we know and others forever secret except in the vibrations of the stone.

Yes, bloody endings occurred here in physical form. All those who came to this peaceful sanctuary have felt the magnetic pull.

But each had a purpose and fulfilled it, some knowing they would be forever altered by the very act of completing the vision quest.