The cool air settling round my feet from the dew kissed grass spurs me onward to the day I must face with an open heart.

I know my destiny and I go to meet it….. as I gaze at the languid water which contains reflections of sunrise painted upon it, I see the beauty of nature in all its glory.

Pink, blue, yellow, white and gray all the colors of the rainbow.

Surrounded upon waking, with so much beauty I thank the Universe gratefully.

As I go there I am….

I transport to the hilly Tor of Glastonbury with its buttercups sprinkled upon the ground like the blood that surely fell there from so much death and destruction. Yet still surrounded by the Creator’s magic,  the land is green and lush.

I travel in my mind to the places I love, walking the world of inner vision to feel my inspiration and embue it upon the page.

Blue topaz skies, crimson sunsets, onyx night with brilliant white opal moon rising….

The palette of colors in a single flower like the purple Iris, with golden hued feathers bursting like the sunrise from its center. Iridescent layers of purple, blue and gold like a peacock’s feathers. Its astounding beauty induces a bow to its majesty and to the forces that created it like a painting.