Born Whole

A couple of weeks ago my 5-year old daughter came home with a bundle of newish old things she’d won in the school’s lucky dip. Among them was a Moshi Monsters backpack and when she opened it she was delighted to discover yet another Moshi Monsters bag inside. She thought she’d hit the jackpot.

But her older sister looked at them and frowned.

‘We don’t do Moshi Monsters in our house.’

In case you’ve never come across a Moshi Monster, here’s some information: Moshi Monsters is an extraordinarily successful online children’s game, played by more than 80 million children worldwide. There’s also a Moshi Monsters movie and an abundance of Moshi Monsters merchandise.moshi_monsters

At first sight, it looks cute with its cheerful colours and some sweet-looking monsters.

But there’s also a group of ‘evil’ monsters with names such as Freakface (always drooling because he can’t close his mouth), Fishlips (an…

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