Born Whole

Being a ‘good girl’ can be draining at the best of times, and at its worst, it can lead to terrible anxiety and self-doubt, something I’ve got plenty experience of. For there are so many things to consider at all times:

–   Am I polite enough?

–   Do people like me? And if they don’t, what have I done wrong?

–   Am I making the right decisions?

–   Am I a good mother?

–   Am I a good wife?

–   Have I neglected my duties as a sister, daughter, granddaughter, friend, etc.?

–   Have I forgotten anyone’s birthday?

–   Is the house clean enough?

–   Are my children eating too much sugar?

–   Should I put some make-up on to look more pleasing?

–   Am I pretty enough?

–   Am I too fat? Do I need to lose weight?

–   Have I offended anyone?

–   Am I good enough?

–  …

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