Silence in the air

Silence in the sea…

Our vows float through consciousness,

in order to be…

made manifest for others to achieve.

It is a duty

It is a call

Pushing our planet upward to

the heavenly gates,

we are in this together

combined by fate.

I gaze toward my North Star,

the Gates of Glastonbury Abbey,

my past and my future

the heart of my soul.

Bringing me back to center

I hear the song…

In this lifetime I’m saved by its presence,

Yes, I’m home amidst the rainfall.

I fly through the sound of church bells ringing,

feeling the vibration…

The clarion call of blissful times…

serenity, peace and love all combine,

to fill my heart as I continue to climb,

up towards Heaven …

until the end of time.