The gloaming starts at the beginning of time,

then we rise up out of the slime…

who are we,  what will we be?

How do we shape our destiny?

To be the one who brings the light,

or commits to darkness is the question we ask.

They both exist together as one,

it is the way, it is never undone…

For in the dark comes the light

to shine forth, to show the possibilities

we all share.

Yet we choose our path,

no matter the snares….

along the way.

Day to day we change and grow,

most act as if they’ll never know

the form of their faith,

or of their right

as beings of the creator,

as beings of light.

But its there inside you,  in each of us.

Tis calling your name now,

tis calling your heart,

your gift is the true bond

that connects you to the heavens.

Tis but a string of energy connecting the dots

to this earth bound life.

Look! See the light beams shining in the night?

That is the thread that moves us all,

remember you are special and can endure…

The life you choose is up to you,

the world stands ready to answer the call.