Under a canopy of velvet green,

floating sweetly sight unseen,

as within and between,

the realms…

of existence.

Calmly, briefly, peacefully…

here with blessings,

showered with love,

as tender as a turtle dove.

Lifting higher, soaring flyer,

seeking redemption,

through intentions meant,

to save all from the hell,

of fear and loathing…

and self-doubt.

Sowing kindness,

breathing light into air,

to come together,

without despair.

Come along,

feel freedom’s release!

Believe you are worthy,

Believe in life,

not looking back,

will end your strife– in this place…

filled with illusions.

Seek not the answers,

just be in presence,

quiet, blissful,

shining bright…

tis your soul filled with

eternal light.