Surrounded by Angels,

I join in the dance,

twirling through blue skies,

leaving nothing to chance.

Survival our mission,

flying to help…

those in the grip of,

an enduring embrace,

with fear and uncertainty

allowing joy to pass by.

The frozen stand still,

unable to move…

gripped by the notion,

invisible to prove

they are the child,

who once ran free,

believing in fairies…

and make believe,

fearless and stalwart,

casting lines in the breeze.

Today is the day

we heal the clan,

those we were given,

as part of the plan.

To grow up together,

and stand in the fight,

circling the wagons,

to do what is right,

hearing with certitude,

our clarion call,

as the time arrives…

bidding farewell to it all.

Always together,

our souls joined as one,

time does not matter,

we love till the sun …

is setting on existence,

human bodies done,

we fly to the heavens

circling the sun.