Book Review of Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice Through Mindfulness and More by Julia McCutchen

Seeking to clear a writer’s block or to gain inspiration to begin your writing? If you are interested in a holistic, spiritual way of clearing the way to creativity in your writing, look no further. Julia McCutchen shares her pioneering movement – Conscious Writing in her newest publication, “Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice Through Mindfulness and More.”

Transformed through a crippling accident that took seven years from which to recover, the former publishing executive completely changed her perspective resulting in an expansion of consciousness that she shares through her passion for writing.

In the forward, author Eric Maisel of “ Coaching the Artist Within” says, “Writing is only incidentally about words- it is more fundamentally about showing up, paying attention, being authentic- and growing conscious. All this Julia McCutchen explains beautifully in her new book, Conscious Writing.”

Through a step-by-step process, the book outlines the ways, in which we can, as writers,

clear our minds and our consciousness in order to permit the flow of creativity to happen. This process allows us to access our authentic voice and write what we are meant to write, not what we think we should be writing. As such, the message and the voice are unique to our experience. Writers, if you have a message for the world, reading this book will help you share it.

As a self reputed “Conscious Writer” I can attest to its power of transformation. I attended a retreat taught by Julia McCutchen and began my writing the first day. I have since completed a first draft and am now typing it. The initial creative stage was six weeks. To say I was amazed and grateful would be trite. The feeling of writing from your whole self is entirely different than writing from your logical mind. Having been a business writer for most of my career spanning 25 years, I am honestly enthralled with the process that encompasses Conscious Writing.

There are seven principles of the process that are explained through research, practical writing exercises and real life testimony, which illustrate and can lead you to greater self-awareness and thus allowing for creative flow to occur. They are Presence, Alignment, Authenticity, Balance, Simplicity, Intuition and Connection. There is also a great deal of cutting edge research to back up the principles that McCutchen espouses in the book, as well as motivation and inspiration.

The best part of the presentation is the way in which McCutchen has covered all the bases. As a writer herself, and as a former publisher she gives us the tools to be successful, not the just the information. It is essentially a guidebook to gaining greater happiness and fulfillment through our writing, and along the way sharing our unique authentic voice with the world. Please visit the website for the International Association of Conscious and Creative Writers at