Are you ok? People seem to ask,

now they have the dreaded task,

of implication towards a foe,

who used to be

my love…

or so

I thought.

The first few times,

I wasn’t sure,

of what to say,

a private emotion,

depending on the day.

Of course I am…

I say to they…

What choice have I,

but to immerse my heart,

into the facts.

Denial only prolongs

the way,

must move forward,

into the fray….

of life.

I bristle yet,

at the sad refrain

of questions volleyed,

expecting pain.

Wondering if I do reply,

NO Im not ok,

I hurt inside,

my life just flipped,

and turned around,

what then,

would they sigh?

The answer should be obviated,

why ask?

Instead just bring flowers,

or send a card,

or call to say hi.

But writing an email,

and throwing the tact,

of genuine concern ….

into a trite request,

to ease their conscience,

to buy them time.

To which I answer….

YES I am fine.

Are you?