Life and loss

its all the same,

equality of emotion

the subtle refrain…

deep pain

deep joy

deep breath

and then…

the next moment…

all is done.

The spirit of life

symbolizes the one,

that long ago faith,

we grasp in grief.

But grasp we must

we know the pace,

no matter evolution,

or trust in heav’n,

no matter our love,

no matter loss,

its all minute

compared to life,

as we know it…

as we strive,

to keep our existence

so alive.

Its not that way

we are all free,

to come and go,

and say good bye,

but remember…

tis just a pass-key

to this day.

It’s all we’ve got!

Do the most,

on the spot.

Be kind

Be brave

Be gentle,

then… but most of all


to all hu – mans,

in the free fall…

of life.