This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for many things. Top of the list is my Mother. For without her choice to bring me and my twin into the world, I would not be here, sharing my gift as I have been led to do. Recently, she has experienced a health crisis that is possibly her last call to be alive. She is a fighter and I think, afraid to die at age 93. We are all trying our best to care for her. Since I live in another state, its been difficult to navigate and has required all of my strength and self awareness to manage emotionally and spiritually without fear. So, due to Covid-19 and its exponential increasing rates, I am not with my Mother this day.

This leads me to the end of our year of 2020. As we move toward the new year and a new way of life, what are you thankful for? Can we ask each other how we are and listen to the answer with compassion, as the Duchess of Suffolk pointed out in her cogent op-ed recently published worldwide, “The Losses We Share.” If you haven’t read it, take a minute to do so. It’s poignant and searingly honest. (

Moving on to the point of this blog, I wanted to send all of you a thoughtful way to focus on the present moment, which is all we really have. Listen to your Mom and Dad if they are still alive, listen to your family, loved ones friends, and colleagues. Remember that not everyone sees things from your perspective. Its sometimes hard for me to remember that! I do try. We never really know what others are experiencing in their day. Being present enables us to commit to the relationships we foster with our time and love. Not while on your phone, or watching tv, or listening to music. But straight up in your face, honest listening in aliveness. It is way more fulfilling to connect with another human than anything else. Isn’t it why we are all here?

Besides discovering our purpose to share with the world, which shares joy and is uplifting to all, connecting is ultimate to the human experience. We can’t fulfill our purpose until we listen to our heart, through stillness, and that is when we listen to our soul.

Each moment of living holds a key to the next experience allowed to unfold in the flow of life. This Thanksgiving, can we be in the moment, appreciate it for what it is, find something to be grateful for and share that gratitude, joy and love of life as conscious living human beings?

I send this wish for all of you in this moment! Enjoy!