Seeing Beyond the Ordinary

Discover the Beauty in Each Day




The Summer breeze

fills the air,

inspiring dreams,

drifting fair…

on gossamer wings.

Fragrant scents

bringing scenes…

of distant lands,

and melodic singing,

oceans, deserts, mountains, streams…

these inspire energy.

Creating the future

as brightly lit rings.

All in contrast,

to the present,

traveling as if by magic,

is this a dream

or am I a star?

Slowly now,

descending night


setting in,

an ending tragic.

Morning bird song

wakes me now,

no more travels

for the moment.




Soul Deep

And when we love

the die is cast,

a lifetime or a week

matters not,

true love of soul,

will always last.

The heart is torn,

when spirit leaves,

to go beyond

some stay behind,

as those forlorn,

but knowing life

travels on …

we’ll feel again

our sacred bond.

Seeing life

in all its forms,

soul essence knows,

we must carry on.

Floating Soul Song

The light twinkles

and drifts in

there is a song

as I listen.

Quietly,  it comes

but emotions roar

to the sound,

of my heart’s score.

Far away, now near…

soul composition

opens the door,

Notes fly out

as song comes…

and feelings soar.

Sailing to

distant shores

in my mind,

in the clouds,

matters not

where we touch

each other’s lives

but with care…

not with fear.

With a sound

with a look

come together

in the cradling

of our race.

Be the light

we cannot trace,

send out love

find a place,

carry on

feel the change

without tears…


Present Moment

Here we are

the thread is sown,

seeing life

as upside down.

Gives us leave

to create…

a day with passion,

before unknown.

See the light,

See the bees,

See the budding cherry trees.

Know its all

a blink in time,

feel the brightness

to align.

Go within,

feel the beat,

hear the song

in your heart.

Musings of an open mind

The day she breaks with gray and chill,

making space

for all to fill,

prompting angst

in certain corners…

leaving peace

on window sill.

In the moment

breathing steady,

when we speak.

we say the words…

flittering through my mind,

like little birds.

Floating safely

we call on dreams

To break the fall

of sweet slumber,

trusting all…

we care to remember.

Sunset Soul Walk

Sunset glow

orange sky

all we know…

This moment

unfolding slow…ly.

Golden light

pulsing breath

all exists


Fading silence

signals souls

all is well…

sliding into midnight

we quell.

Lost Love Found

As we share

the love we know,

a love so fair

the winds do blow

the loving sense

of long ago….

where love is lost

or those who lock

their hearts away

forever blocked

but here today,

the breeze does bring,

faint memory of a lost devotion.

To love ourselves

in all the glory,

as bestowed

from ancient stories.

In early days

we walked amongst

the fairest men

whom traveled in earnest

to share a message

far and wide,

Of divinity

we all share inside.

Full circle now


just who we are


Tis the deepest form,

can never be lost

Just touch your heart

to feel the beat.

Love thyself

then expand

to share the joy

and love again!



Ascending with Love

As love descends

the glitter falls,

on unsuspecting hearts…

to sound the call;

wake up!

wake up!

the time is here…

for openness and being clear,

on who you are…

for the one true soul

is very near.

The paradigm is changing now,

the clarion sound

of birthright vows,

whispered in the dark of night…

floating in at dawn’s first light.

If we fail

the human race,

getting lost in daily life,

drowning in a frantic pace,

failure to raise our vibration,

by holding on …

hinders the planet’s ascension.

Be the love,

Be the light,

stay the path,

with conviction.

Be the soul

who soldiers on,

be the one who leads us all.

Never forget- we chose this life,

the collective calls…

we sew the matrix,

avoiding strife,

we attract the souls

to help us fight,

staying close on the journey….

called Life.



Love anchors

our duality codes

to ebb and flow…

within the lives

of those we know.

As life is met

with spirituality,

lifting us up

to help us sow

unconditional love,

as we allow,

vibrations to rise,

we lift the planet

through the skies.

The love is there

for all to know,

to balance earth

and heaven,

to dissipate life

in the throes

of  our human condition.


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