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Seeing Beyond the Ordinary

Excited to announce my book, “A Practical Guide to Awareness” is now available on Amazon!  If you are interested in a signed, discounted copy please let me know in comments, or send your email! Thanks for all the support!

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Magic Christmas

Casting its faded light,

the fog bathed…

the world in white,

obscuring details

of the lonely night.

Now upon morn,

it still hung like a cloak,

a calm blanket,

underneath were fairy folk.

Peeking out from underground,

making their presence known,

tis time for Christmas

to cast a spell …

bringing happiness to town!

It started with twinkling lights,

then on to ribbons,

hanging from the heights,

strung on trees amidst the leaves,

birds twittering,

stringing garlands,

toys and gifts,

leaving stockings full

for all the kids.

Upon waking, the village now merry

awed at being blessed

by fairies…

to have a little peace,

all playing with toys,

to see the light,

families singing,

sharing the joy!




The world alone

shudders in fear,

as glaring reality

forces us to atone.

We close ourselves

to what may come,

creating an illusion

as to draw near…

our dreams and loves

of turtle doves,

gentle images surround

silent tears.

For love may come

and love may go,

but friendship lasts

forever so…

that when the time

comes to say—


the bond remains,

between hearts,

it never dies,

whether in spirit —

or in your lovely blue eyes.




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unbolt me

you see demons behind all skins
i see a fey, tectonic soul
trying not to come apart
trying not to let you in

you are itching to move on
some can only hold on
and some of us won’t make it
lost in the gap of then and time

© All rights reserved 2008

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Lightly falling rain

sings a song,

washing away the pain…

of withdrawal,

saying goodbyes,

whispering heartfelt notions

to the skies.

Trust that must

stay intact,

no matter the journey…

from earthly ties,

holding onto— a fiery fate,

of untethered spirits

at the gate.

Rushing in to accept the fate,

of enlightened souls

trusting faith.

Lightness of being,

clearing sighs,

love and bliss

with purest of colors,

fill our eyes….

with light.




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