Seeing Beyond the Ordinary

Discover the Beauty in Each Day


Begin the day with an open heart,

how to fill it while apart?

So much time of life on earth,

spent wondering when we will depart.

What is love?

What is art?

Time together feeds the soul,

time apart growing old,

lengthens days and deepens nights.

Dreaming in the soft twilight,

of the day all are one,

when such time will ever come?

Deeper silence feeds the soul,

to some it means we are alone.

Crickets chirping,

flowers swaying,

crisp air breeze,

provides the knowing…

all the memories of home.

Embrace Life

To be the answer

for the one,

to feel your embrace

upon rising sun,

to die each day

when is is done,

this is life…

as humans toil,

for standing in

the worldly soil.

Never seeing life

as real,

only that which

turns the wheel,

never happy

being free,

enslaving each other

with guilty pleas.

Life is love

Life is choice

see the difference

use your voice.

Not this world

created by men,

not the evil

present when…

all is lost

to greed and strife,

no more value

of sweetest life.

The time has come

to take a stand,

as the keepers

of this land…

to be the life,

to be the love,

to be the Angels

from above.

There is a way

to feel again,

to start the morning

fresh, not grim,

to see the good

in all there is …

to be the lightness

in the dark,

knowing that we

play this part,

for the planet to Ascend.


Turn the page

Morning spirit

joins the dance,

wakens heart

with a glance

at rising sun

colors warming

from the one…

Feel the earth

spin round and round,

see the energy

without sound,

free the heart

from tarnished bonds,

seeking freedom

in the night

to dance the dance,

within the light.

To lessen evil

in the fight,

the greater good

taking flight.

In the lesson

the word is there

circled with its own despair,

yet its meaning

lacks a flair,

for reality

to pretend…

tis not there.

Leads us to

a breaking point,

where to now?

lead the way…

strengthens us

this very day

with the victories of old.

Into the fray,

from which we’re told,

the prophets and saints

throughtout history

turn the page,

seeing what others

cannot say…

Only seen through

heart and soul,

what we’re meant,

from mother’s womb

then we waken

to the doom,

of earthly life,

without memory

lost but not

yet holding on

to the inkling

in the dawn.

With the faintest

ray of sun,

knowing at once

the plight

of each one

who wakes to ponder


in all its wonder.


Silky leaves greet fingertips

pulling me slowly back to earth,

from whence I dreamt.

beyond the veil…

sweetly kissing my sun drenched lips.

Round and round and round we go,

circle of life never to slow,

embrace the day,

face your foe,

moving forward into the fray.

Love is real within this moment,

greet the challenge,

with calm and pray,

in gratitude this very day.

Feel the light,

embrace your heart,

open up and take part,

in this game,

even if, it rips you apart…

or gives you fame.

Its all a choice…

its yours to start.



Our light is gone,

but spirit is near,

watching us shed every tear…

surrouded with love

but living in fear.

As we wander through our days,

seemingly in a constant haze,

inward seeking not without,

guided by faith,

yet still in doubt.

Where are we headed,

to the light?

Trying mightily

to begin a flight

toward our dreams,

to no avail.

Looking upward

love prevails,

inspiration comes to those…

believing in the night,

all is possible

tis our right.

Keep on dreaming,

to learn the meaning,

and creating paradise…





Spirits in the Sky

Spirits in the sky

Coming to wave good bye

Hear their whispers

As they fly….

Freedom’s Ride

Upon the wide open milky way,

a soaring blanket of stars,

guides me evermore…

holding sway.

Flying through the silky black path,

lit by planets,

a shining cloak …

steering me back.

On and on and on  I travel,

to the place I know and treasure,

changing quickly throughout time,

to unravel,

leaving no trace…

from whence I came.

All at once I feel the source,

the Brotherhood’s love

surrounds my spirit,

binding our pact,

which I inherit!

I’m home again,

to recharge my soul,

home again,

never growing old,

home again….

unconditional love.

All this and more

is my gift.

To know the way is born of faith,

to carry my heart,

through deepest grief,

my soul afire,

I’ll keep on flying.

Throughout the heavens,

existing on love,

simple and free,

tis there for me.

Rise Up!

Here it comes

I feel the touch

I hear the distant whispers


my heart.

Magic nears

tingling my ears,

bringing new love,

from above.

A new day is dawning,

it is here for all,

shinging its light,

we must heed the call!


Fear not!

Dear Ones…

time is on our side,

we must stand together,

for we are all one.

The current is electric,

can you sense its arrival?

Tis bringing a new hope,

a new world force,

we are rising up,

to help all cope.

The time is now

to listen to your soul,

the time is now,

to make life whole.

Beginning today,

make paradise your reality,

beginning today,

rise up with creativity.

Its coming soon,

it arrives in the night,

completing our mission,

of love based survival,

bringing us truth,

taking the ride,

giving us strength,

to get to the other side.





I feel the magic fill my veins,

sacred music to my name,

calling, calling, hear the plight,

of those who stay the tragic fight.

The change is near,

though none can see,

I hear the winds blowing fear,

a silent sentry tells the tale,

without a word,

truth sets us free.

We are the light,

no need for fright,

we are the light,

to save the lesser…

who cannot fight.

The time has come,

it’s almost here,

the magic soon descends,

to open the world ,

to make a stand,

for truth and light,

throughout the land.

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