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Until the dawn

the moon awakes,

finding unrest in those

of little faith,

wondering wherein lies their fate.

Waking, pacing, in the night,

moonglow lights the path,

of sleeplessness…

a bit of comfort

barely kept,

in the hearts of those who leapt,

to the call of well lit nights,

creeping in to help the fight….

of worry.

Now the dawn

it does hush the mind…

calling forth another time,

when life was simple, quiet and small,

guiding hearts  toward a wall,

where upon a name is writ,

circling doubt at heaven’s way,

how can this be,

is what they say.

But, as we go

remember this,

we are not alone,

and in those moments of darkness,

close your eyes and feel the pull,

taking you to an inward bliss.

See the light surrounding all,

know the way is there, but to say,

I trust, I love with Faith its clear,

Today is the day,

I know the way.

Departures and Grief

Eadar Doodles + Cheese

I’ve been preoccupied with death today. More accurately with grief.

A colleague found out on Monday that her sister had died. Based on what they know so far, she died in her sleep. The sister had not suffered with a long-time illness. She was healthy in all appearances. Strong, happy, and healthy is how my colleague described her. Happy. This adjective is the least meaningful in a diagnosis, but it is still so important to the people that love her. “She was happy, how could she die?” or “At least she had a happy life.”

To get that call — someone you love has died. Not a death you were expecting. Not an elder come sweetly to the end of their winter. Not the afflicted finally at peace. She was strong, happy and healthy. And now she is gone.

But you are still here — waiting your turn or running…

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National Poetry Month: Make a Commitment

Celebrating National Poetry Month!

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National Poetry Month begins today! You can make a commitment to learning more poetry by deciding to read, write, or contemplate poetry every day in April.   The Academy of American Poets asks us to kick off the celebration by reading these poems about the art of poetry:

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Desert Botanical Gardens butterfly exhibit

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Heart song

Love is harsh in earthly realms,

in darkness of the soul,

waiting for the dawn to take,

a meaning we longed for ….

through night’s embrace.

Open eyes,

open heart,

when determined to depart.

Tis the age old mystery of love,

how and when will it grow?

Through the days

of whispering fears,

guiding actions,

some filled with tears.

Do we know the path to take?

Will we, should we,

but forsake…

the pact made when all was grand,

now in ashes upon the sand.

Turn your head,

and see beyond,

not what is before your eyes,

close them to look,

for sweetest dawn.

Feel the vibration

of your knowing,

Feel the light…

do you have what it takes

to fight?

If you do,

will you take a stand

for your heart?

Little else matters

but to right

the wrongs leveled,

upon the few,

never asking for gain,

only aiding,

those we love,

in heartfelt vows,

to be together even in pain.

Now is when we feel the most,

turning inward,

readying for flight,

but standing strong

to shine our light.


Dreams escort us

though the night,

see the fairies

in skylight,

glowing, twinkling, ever so,

then its time to let them go.

Upon awakening

we feel the thread,

was it real ?

or a beautiful vision?

Teasing us into oblivion,

there to wander

peace filled and light,

to build our world

from beyond the veil,

now back down to earth,

with eye opening scale.

Believe its time,

Believe your worth,

We are all responsible

to share the dream,

to silence the dark,

to open the door,

to make a new world …

forever more.



Begin the day with an open heart,

how to fill it while apart?

So much time of life on earth,

spent wondering when we will depart.

What is love?

What is art?

Time together feeds the soul,

time apart growing old,

lengthens days and deepens nights.

Dreaming in the soft twilight,

of the day all are one,

when such time will ever come?

Deeper silence feeds the soul,

to some it means we are alone.

Crickets chirping,

flowers swaying,

crisp air breeze,

provides the knowing…

all the memories of home.

Embrace Life

To be the answer

for the one,

to feel your embrace

upon rising sun,

to die each day

when is is done,

this is life…

as humans toil,

for standing in

the worldly soil.

Never seeing life

as real,

only that which

turns the wheel,

never happy

being free,

enslaving each other

with guilty pleas.

Life is love

Life is choice

see the difference

use your voice.

Not this world

created by men,

not the evil

present when…

all is lost

to greed and strife,

no more value

of sweetest life.

The time has come

to take a stand,

as the keepers

of this land…

to be the life,

to be the love,

to be the Angels

from above.

There is a way

to feel again,

to start the morning

fresh, not grim,

to see the good

in all there is …

to be the lightness

in the dark,

knowing that we

play this part,

for the planet to Ascend.


Turn the page

Morning spirit

joins the dance,

wakens heart

with a glance

at rising sun

colors warming

from the one…

Feel the earth

spin round and round,

see the energy

without sound,

free the heart

from tarnished bonds,

seeking freedom

in the night

to dance the dance,

within the light.

To lessen evil

in the fight,

the greater good

taking flight.

In the lesson

the word is there

circled with its own despair,

yet its meaning

lacks a flair,

for reality

to pretend…

tis not there.

Leads us to

a breaking point,

where to now?

lead the way…

strengthens us

this very day

with the victories of old.

Into the fray,

from which we’re told,

the prophets and saints

throughtout history

turn the page,

seeing what others

cannot say…

Only seen through

heart and soul,

what we’re meant,

from mother’s womb

then we waken

to the doom,

of earthly life,

without memory

lost but not

yet holding on

to the inkling

in the dawn.

With the faintest

ray of sun,

knowing at once

the plight

of each one

who wakes to ponder


in all its wonder.

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