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A Practical Guide to Awareness

Life and Love

The days are bright

as water flows

it bends and slows

leading into light.

Rippling, sparking,

ever new…

see the moment,

lasting a few,


Reality is ours

to create,

make it shower

love not hate.

Nothing matters more

than that,

nothing lasts as long,

is as steadfast,

nothing holds a heart and hands,

nothing but love,

to prove forever


that life and death is riding on,

guiding gently

through the night,

on destiny’s highway

till the dawn.



Self – Care

Celebrating IACCW Member Susan Nefzger’s First Book | IACCW

Our mission is to open the way for you to discover your authentic voice � on the page and in the world � and to live a conscious and creatively fulfilled life that is rich with meaning, joy and su..
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Heart Song

Dreaming silent

wandering eyes

measuring softly

heavy sighs as

questions rise..

is this all there is?

From birth to death

we ride the rails

of luminous plans

some bright, some pale…

And when at once

the years have passed,

apparent by the well told tale,

of our lives…

A wake up call

is heard…

from above,

as a refrain,

in our hearts

to sing the same


Pay attention

do not pass,

listen well

it is the name –

of your true calling,

singing a refrain.

Calling, calling

listen now,

all at once

it’s gone

and then…

a faintly heard violin,

raises the chance

to live again.

A Practical Guide to Awareness

Great time at Tall Tales Book Shop in Atlanta on Sunday, signing «A Practical Guide to Awareness »  – thanks to all who came out to support the new book! Available on Amazon click here for more info:


Book Signing In Atlanta

Don’t miss the book signing in Atlanta at Tall Tales Books on Lavista Road. Sunday, Feb. 18th from 2-5 p.m.



via Book Review for « A Practical Guide to Awareness »

Local Author Pens Guide to Awareness – Palm Beach Live Work Play


Book Review for « A Practical Guide to Awareness »

Join us for a gathering of literary enjoyment and book signing of “A Practical Guide to Awareness” at Tall Tales Books in Atlanta, beginning at 2 pm on Sunday, February 18th. Go to for details.

A Review for «  A Practical Guide to Awareness »

« This writer’s spiritual excitement is palpable
ByEvan Griffithon February 5, 2018
This writer’s spiritual excitement is palpable. The book alternates between deep dives into awareness and a story of epic spiritual dimensions. This keeps the reader in a highly anticipatory state, looking forward to the alternating rhythm. There’s a hypnotic quality to the prose that seems to lull you into a deeper part of your self as you read. A Practical Guide To Awareness is for anyone with a keen desire to connect at a deeper level in their day to day experience, for anyone seeking to live more meaningfully. »

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