Seeing Beyond the Ordinary

Discover the Beauty in Each Day

The Puzzle

Change is here

its in the air,

the world stops

from here to there.

Evolving, flowing, seeing…

Moving forward now,

to be who we are,

to challenge status quo,

to right the wrongs

and show the care,

of connections lost

and now found.

As all are one

we know the truth,

yet in this life

forget the way…

alignment to – ward,

no matter the fray.

Silence is golden,

allowing for space,

energy flowing,

slowing the pace,

light is showing…

showing a heart,

full of love

and conneciton,

knowing the trust,

we all are together,

the pieces slide into place.


Rainbow morning

The best of sunrise for those who know,

is seeing colors change,

like thread it sews,

bringing the fabric together,

leading us to the course

set forth….

despite our woes.

A rainbow appears,

a ladder to heaven,

brightly lit

with pinks, orange and blues,

approaching the sky…

as if on cue.

To signal the hope

so needed by those,

who can’t see the best

in a day filled with fear.

Look closely and view,

the iridescent flow

toward eyes filled with tears,

not only from sadness,

now optimism blooms,

like a flower in spring,

fed by pastel bowers,

streaming from a rainbow,

meant just for you.




The Garden | O at the Edges

The Angel’s Story

From deep within the story goes,

the nightime world is juxtaposed,

to bid the earth

in heavenly throes…

with saintly protectors

to carry our woes.

It happened one night, a stormy one…

an Angel was called to help a tot,

having a nightmare,

she was calmed on the spot.

But in the time the suffering was silenced,

the Angel fell in love,

did not want to go away …

and went to  the little girl every day.

They shared stories

and played on and on,

until such time,

she was no longer a child,

but tall and graceful and strong.

One winter’s night, the Angel came to say,

we cannot survive as soulmates now,

please keep me in your heart,

and bless our past,

for in your soul is where I reside,

always remember,

I’m here at your side.

Through all you encounter,

both happy and sad,

never fear, know to the core,

Im here to serve…

your guardian Angel forever more.

The girl went on with her life,

and on occasion,

out of the corner of her eye,

spying a figure,

bathed in light,

by the end of her bed,

there was the Angel,

soothing her from a day

filled with strife.

Then she knew her Angel friend

was near,

dozing off to dream… she went …holding her dear.




The Ask

Are you ok? People seem to ask,

now they have the dreaded task,

of implication towards a foe,

who used to be

my love…

or so

I thought.

The first few times,

I wasn’t sure,

of what to say,

a private emotion,

depending on the day.

Of course I am…

I say to they…

What choice have I,

but to immerse my heart,

into the facts.

Denial only prolongs

the way,

must move forward,

into the fray….

of life.

I bristle yet,

at the sad refrain

of questions volleyed,

expecting pain.

Wondering if I do reply,

NO Im not ok,

I hurt inside,

my life just flipped,

and turned around,

what then,

would they sigh?

The answer should be obviated,

why ask?

Instead just bring flowers,

or send a card,

or call to say hi.

But writing an email,

and throwing the tact,

of genuine concern ….

into a trite request,

to ease their conscience,

to buy them time.

To which I answer….

YES I am fine.

Are you?



Book Review of Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice Through Mindfulness and More

Book Review of Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice Through Mindfulness and More by Julia McCutchen

Seeking to clear a writer’s block or to gain inspiration to begin your writing? If you are interested in a holistic, spiritual way of clearing the way to creativity in your writing, look no further. Julia McCutchen shares her pioneering movement – Conscious Writing in her newest publication, “Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice Through Mindfulness and More.”

Transformed through a crippling accident that took seven years from which to recover, the former publishing executive completely changed her perspective resulting in an expansion of consciousness that she shares through her passion for writing.

In the forward, author Eric Maisel of “ Coaching the Artist Within” says, “Writing is only incidentally about words- it is more fundamentally about showing up, paying attention, being authentic- and growing conscious. All this Julia McCutchen explains beautifully in her new book, Conscious Writing.”

Through a step-by-step process, the book outlines the ways, in which we can, as writers,

clear our minds and our consciousness in order to permit the flow of creativity to happen. This process allows us to access our authentic voice and write what we are meant to write, not what we think we should be writing. As such, the message and the voice are unique to our experience. Writers, if you have a message for the world, reading this book will help you share it.

As a self reputed “Conscious Writer” I can attest to its power of transformation. I attended a retreat taught by Julia McCutchen and began my writing the first day. I have since completed a first draft and am now typing it. The initial creative stage was six weeks. To say I was amazed and grateful would be trite. The feeling of writing from your whole self is entirely different than writing from your logical mind. Having been a business writer for most of my career spanning 25 years, I am honestly enthralled with the process that encompasses Conscious Writing.

There are seven principles of the process that are explained through research, practical writing exercises and real life testimony, which illustrate and can lead you to greater self-awareness and thus allowing for creative flow to occur. They are Presence, Alignment, Authenticity, Balance, Simplicity, Intuition and Connection. There is also a great deal of cutting edge research to back up the principles that McCutchen espouses in the book, as well as motivation and inspiration.

The best part of the presentation is the way in which McCutchen has covered all the bases. As a writer herself, and as a former publisher she gives us the tools to be successful, not the just the information. It is essentially a guidebook to gaining greater happiness and fulfillment through our writing, and along the way sharing our unique authentic voice with the world. Please visit the website for the International Association of Conscious and Creative Writers at

Summer Solstice

Trails of magic

in the sky,

pointing the way,

guarding our flight,

with Luna’s might.

Diving and twirling

with delight,

the clouds our partners,

throughout the night.

Speeding onward,

faster than light,

racing to our destination,

arriving before sunrise,

all good is possible,

in this guise.

Onward we travel,

the path gives rise,

to beautiful dreams

we seek during day,

now we can hold them,

as we go our own way,

creating Heaven on Earth

this very day!

Painting Reality

Morning sunlights brings the rain

Heavens floating within our grasp,

whispering Angels silently glide,

sooting angst and pain inside.

Light rain falling washes away,

Tears of night time,

falling into day,

time to affirm a bright new way,

moving, stretching, learning still…

Building the hope,

a heartbeat of good will.

Know yoursef as divine,

accept the knowledge,

be still…

see the world as you wish it to be

then create a painting for me.



Soul Dance

Surrounded by Angels,

I join in the dance,

twirling through blue skies,

leaving nothing to chance.

Survival our mission,

flying to help…

those in the grip of,

an enduring embrace,

with fear and uncertainty

allowing joy to pass by.

The frozen stand still,

unable to move…

gripped by the notion,

invisible to prove

they are the child,

who once ran free,

believing in fairies…

and make believe,

fearless and stalwart,

casting lines in the breeze.

Today is the day

we heal the clan,

those we were given,

as part of the plan.

To grow up together,

and stand in the fight,

circling the wagons,

to do what is right,

hearing with certitude,

our clarion call,

as the time arrives…

bidding farewell to it all.

Always together,

our souls joined as one,

time does not matter,

we love till the sun …

is setting on existence,

human bodies done,

we fly to the heavens

circling the sun.


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