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Daily Thought


Dawn surrounds us

lightning phase…

laying foundations,

deep below

allowing freedom

we do not know,

until such time,

life drags us down,

into the abyss

of human love,

signaling a phase

of letting go…

Grief and heartache

bliss and then,

flying free

we can ascend.


Daily Inspiration

Daily Inspiration


Deeper than ocean

Stronger than streams,

Following destiny

in silent screams…

No one can hear

a heart in motion,

churning the past,

feeling devotion.

Why? We still ask,

is this  the case,

knowing the answer,

rising to the task.

Feeling the person,

Feeling the pain,

Feeling a presence,

with profound love…

connection is vast

rising above.

Witnessing life

as it rhymes,

till joined again …

for all time.

Daily Inspiration

Daily Inspiration

National Coffee Day 2018 Atlanta: Freebies, deals

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Daily Thought

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