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Riding a Unicorn

flying high

breathing the stardust

sighing in night sky…

Heart full of hope

playing among the stars

seeing all there is,

not looking back,

as I wave good bye.

Life on a dream

future is present

taking me forward

speeding toward the light,

ascending through clouds

on my steadfast mount,

guiding and changing

making the rounds.

Now, full speed ahead

no more storms

we rise above them,

starlight brightens the path…

creating heaven on earth,

paradise in its stead.



unbolt me

you see demons behind all skins
i see a fey, tectonic soul
trying not to come apart
trying not to let you in

you are itching to move on
some can only hold on
and some of us won’t make it
lost in the gap of then and time

© All rights reserved 2008

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The Web

Spiders dancing in the breeze

up and down as on trapeze,

to and fro,

within the glow,

of sun’s rise…

gliding happily on a line,

of spun silk.

All within the web of life,

all connected…

black and white,

all together…

spinning to sew,

a net of love,

in a world of hate,

catching those

who learn too late…

to break the mold

and open the gate.

Surging out to cleanse the void,

light filled souls

sway the tide,

Now tis time

to seal our fate

with love and peace,

on this ride…

called life.




Lightly falling rain

sings a song,

washing away the pain…

of withdrawal,

saying goodbyes,

whispering heartfelt notions

to the skies.

Trust that must

stay intact,

no matter the journey…

from earthly ties,

holding onto— a fiery fate,

of untethered spirits

at the gate.

Rushing in to accept the fate,

of enlightened souls

trusting faith.

Lightness of being,

clearing sighs,

love and bliss

with purest of colors,

fill our eyes….

with light.




Darkest Day

Arcing through the wild blue sky,

piercing the nation’s ready eye,

throughout the day,

to conspire…


Some will stay

and some will go,

to the heavens

a steady flow,

of soul’s lost

and free of pain,

on their way….

to peace.

Miracles occur minute

by minute,

let this be the harbinger,

for change.

Love is the way,

feel it grow,

present or not,

now is the hour…

for all of us

to claim our power.



Travel onward

Aquarian girl,

set your sights

see hopes unfurl,

to-ward freedom.

On your way,

don’t forget


each day.



And Respect…

Treat all you meet

with each Tenet,

of life…

The Golden Rule

will bring you much.

Be the touch

to one in need,

be the fire

to one who’s lost,

be the calm

in the storm,

calling softly

till the morn…


Dying wish

The Sunset Story

in all its glory

tells the tale

of  a woman’s faith…

riding the wind,

toward joy profound,

eager to see,

her loved ones again—-

face to face,

with ethereal grace.

Knowing the love

that waits for her,

watching her suffer

seems so unfair.

Holding on..

to the last dying spark,

while her mind travels.

Onward she goes,

to meet her maker,

feel again her heart’s true love,

seeing the light as above

blinding with its power to heal,

all the hurts she has endured,

forever flying with shining wings.

The Puzzle

Change is here

its in the air,

the world stops

from here to there.

Evolving, flowing, seeing…

Moving forward now,

to be who we are,

to challenge status quo,

to right the wrongs

and show the care,

of connections lost

and now found.

As all are one

we know the truth,

yet in this life

forget the way…

alignment to – ward,

no matter the fray.

Silence is golden,

allowing for space,

energy flowing,

slowing the pace,

light is showing…

showing a heart,

full of love

and conneciton,

knowing the trust,

we all are together,

the pieces slide into place.


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