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Daily Action

Daily Thought

Long Lost Love

As I write this missive

to a long lost soul,

I cherish the finding of the one,

who restored my life…

The missing spark,

the lightning strike.

Even as the sunsets flow,

the tides do change,

the Moon rises,

yet, the love remains.

Love never dies,

It merely changes place,

with life’s transitions

keeping pace,

finding time to

capture the race!

Solitude reminds us…

in loud refrain,

of a passionate embrace.

It’s always there,

as we stride ahead,

the love inside..

is a sweeter plane.

To know the feeling

at first sight,

To know those eyes,

that meet your gaze,

to feel the spark,

that lights the flame,

is all there is …

in this game…. called life.

Daily Action


Sliding into the seduction of your soul,

I feel the passion,

I see the gold…

The heart of you

melts me to the core,

Our connection leaves me wanting more.

Beginning with a simple handshake,

the door opened…

a deeply felt stake,

sent me to the depths of love…

Barring your soul,

one gaze at a time…

Sharing the passion,

drowning in the sea…

Keeping my head above water,

trying to ride,

the waves…

by loving you so…

Maybe I will just drown,

and appease the tide…

simply by just letting go.

Daily Action

Loving Grace

What winds now blow

into my face..

thrilling willing

with such grace?

So much feeling,

will it last…

to see the journey

through his eyes?

To go there lovingly…

sharing fire?

Even when the time grows long

and searing kisses,

are far away…

Does this love fade or stay?

Or do we go our separate ways?

The strength I feel

in his embrace,

is not of this life…

but of ancient space.

Love unconditional

without strain,

immediate acceptance,

Love like rain..

Falling, falling

gentle and warm,

like sun’s showers

on a Summer day.

As the sun comes out,

to shine upon us…

The truest pain is joy again,

The truest path is cleared away.

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