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Daily Thought


Daily Thought

Daily Action

Daily Thought

Daily Thought

Daily Thought

Little Things

Thought is vibration,

it springs to life,

effortless magic..

without strife.

Flowing energy,

slowing down,

witnessing beauty,

fire’s light…

sparkling, crackling,

a moment in time.

Self permitting,

leads us forward,

visions of….a pastoral rhyme.

Trusting life,

in its way,

on our own,

day by day.

Nature’s rhythm,

season’s change,

stilling awareness,

gifting the way.












Star Travel

Fitful sleep,

traveling far,

can’t be sure,

as I flew on a Star.

Destination unknown,

flying by night,

finding a world,

whence I did roam.

My Spirit intact,

arriving with glee,

landing in magic,

no reason to flee,

feeling the love,

mine to conceive.

Build the foundation,

of this new world,

combining forces,

to see dreams unfurl.

We’ll do it together,

you and me,

our future is brighter,

so we can be free!


Daily Thought

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