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Happy Easter!

Daily Inspiration


Riding the vibration

to higher realms,

sparkling ladder

light filled rungs.

Carry me onward

swiftly done,

wings on my feet…

now I’m gone.

No more body,

no more brain,

no more thinking,

no more pain.

Etheric grid-

surrounding souls

with intention,

spontaneous rain.

All is love

All is light

All is freedom

All ignite!





Daily Inspiration

Beyond the Veil

Ancients followed

the well worn path

to preserve…

what is now our past.

The truth now

will set us free,

in the shadow of

the wisdom tree.

Druids, fairies, tiny Gnomes

scattering unseen

as we roam.

The silent Forest

stands before us,

particles of light

shower the dearest

of our clan…

enlightening magic

passing on

filling the void.

Silent Forest

lend your ear,

gather to embrace

in this chosen year.

Happiness Is…

Golden leaves

Shining bright

on deciduous trees

warmly framing,

the day’s light,

such a wonderful

contrast in sight!

Image reality

true illusion

as created,

full of beauty.

Heart space


keeping pace…

with ethereal

colors bold,

against the sky,

blue and cold.

Seeing nature

every day,

a palette ready

to repay…

the ghost of time

as silent blanket,

underneath …

catching leaves,

as they drift

down to sleep.

Bright & Light Butterfly Flight


The pages curl

with passing time,

residing in a youthful whirl

of sparkling rhyme.

To yet renew

within our lives,

a brighter flame

moving through,

the mundane tasks

that drag us down…

and out amongst

the will of man,

of sea and sand

to lead us to…

the promised land.

Our spirits rise

we bid farewell,

beneath the guise

of “time will tell.”


Looking Forward

Wandering on

a beautiful day

surrounded by,

hummingbirds and


Magic abounds

following me,

showing the heights

im transcending.

As the day spins,

waterfall trickling, sparkling

and singing,

baptizing those

moving ahead,

not going backward.

Releasing wounds

that cut a swath

through tender hearts

with a woeful wrath.

Healing now…

its full speed ahead!

Don’t look over

your shoulder,

there are better days ahead.



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