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Daily Beauty

Love Is All There Is!

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Light Codes Reflection Activation

Daily Beauty

Winter Sunset Sky

Daily Inspiration

Love and Light

For Cat & Tomek:

The One who knows

your every wish,

silently loving,

whispering ties…

that bind,

two soul’s together,

for all time.

The heated looks,

the quiet sighs,

as slowly burning,

passion belies…

the deep connection,

from the heart,

sent from heaven

never apart.

The time for vows,

drawing near,

however far,

we feel no fear,

for our dear sister

found her love.

On the day,

with Goddess might

drawing the circle,

made of light.

Loved ones cry

at the sight,

Perfect Love,

carries from night

into dreamtime…

further still,

all our Angels

feel the thrill!

Daily Inspiration

Daily Inspiration

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