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Standing silent,

staring across

the frozen moor,

I hear the clang

of closing doors.

Striking out,

fearing no more,

the endless bloodshed…

settling the score.

Seeking the vast

unbroken shore,

to lose myself

forgetting all.

Crunching snow steps

one by one,

toward a warmer, rising sun.

Leaving heartache,

seeing all as one,

forgiveness propels me,

until this day is done.


Creation is…

to most who know,

the vibration of


allowed to move…

through the stars,

shattering layers,

of unseen matter

in the guise of

constant prayer.

Now is the time

to set the course,

weaving magic–

line by line,

shining as a brilliant star,

briefly passing

trine by trine,

gathering speed

to go so far.


follows light filled sound,

flowing toward

love unbound.




Dreaming of flying

o’er lavender fields

magic ascending

heart’s symphony reveals,

healing in motion…

soothing to feel.


photo credit:  Piotr Skrypiec / insta @piotrskrypiec

Birds fly

Babies cry

Colors paint the sky …

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