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Barbara Marx Hubbard RIP

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Daily Inspiration

Daily Inspiration

Daily Thought

Beyond the Veil

Ancients followed

the well worn path

to preserve…

what is now our past.

The truth now

will set us free,

in the shadow of

the wisdom tree.

Druids, fairies, tiny Gnomes

scattering unseen

as we roam.

The silent Forest

stands before us,

particles of light

shower the dearest

of our clan…

enlightening magic

passing on

filling the void.

Silent Forest

lend your ear,

gather to embrace

in this chosen year.

Remembering Dad

On this day

in earthly time,

he went away

to flee the pain.

His life of service–

to Country

to Family

to Marriage,

of all these…

he taught us true,

the first is Love

to see us through.

We feel the loss

with remembrance of …

a certain way

to over gloss,

conditions which

shape our loss.

To honor lessons

given to

the way we live

and honor him,

but most of all

we remember…



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Five Steps To Increased Self-Awareness @SNefzgerPR #BizRocks #DigitalMarketing for #WomeninBiz – Business Rocks #BizRocks
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