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Inner Symphony

Daily Thought

Daily Thought

Daily Thought


I hear the Great Horned Owl,

calling my name,

as though life would never be the same,

a harbinger of fate,

the past dancing in flames.

Morning silence,

broken by bursts.

of bird calls sealing change.

Feeling the sensation,

hearing my name,

my life to begin,

all over again.

Age old stories,

tell the tale,

harking back to the days,

when all life was veiled…

to the outsider looking in,

all was calm,

but not within.

Growing excitement,

yet still holding back,

knowing the sequence of love, loss and lack,

seeing the tide change,

smelling the air,

yet feeling no fear.

The moments arrive,

one by one,

compiling the year

of independence begun,

moving to starlight,

navigating the skies,

flying with energy,

sent from above,

now forward motion,

to help those without Love.



Hour Glass

Dancing light on silver sand,

sparkling from a magic wand,

here today yet gone tomorrow,

can it be a source of sorrow?

Ephemeral existence,

marks the path,

not all who follow,

will come back…

to us.

Shining forth from beyond,

we know the signs,

that send us love,

comfort, warming,

take us back,

to our birthplace,

just like that.

Hearts on fire,

feel the strength,

streaming from the Goddess link,

to a time we only dreamt…

As in the sparkling silver sands,

we drift away upon the land,

wind blows,

time slows,

and then stands still,

awaiting the breath,

to blow us through.

Rebirth- new life-

no longer in strife,

peace fills up the hour glass.







Space Walk

Possibilities splashed across the sky,

like a diamond in my eye,

sparkling, seeking,

as far as I,

can fly…

Higher, lighter

puffy clouds,

streaks of brilliance,

now I’m still,

floating, soaring like a hawk,


Greets me as I walk,

among the planets,

a blessed trance.

Almost there,

with so much grace,

I behold the Goddess space,

brilliant blue,

within the face…

of Love.


Be here in this moment,

water dripping,

birds chirping,

sunlight reflects on still water…


Clearing the mind

to connect,

to the inner self.


Its there…

feel its tendrils float,

upon your mind…

to quiet the thought.

Butterfly dancing,

on the grass,

tall green trees

stand at impasse.

For the land,

we must serve as steward,

if we are to move forward.

Each of us,

has a gift,

to impart,

to heal the rift.

Let us focus,

Let us face…

the magic together,

all as one human race.




Lightning God

In memory of George Tanquay.

I hear your spirit calling me,

riding the clouds peacefully,

soaring higher

until you leave…

the planet earth.

Zeitgeist creator,

painter of nature,

braving the lightning,

in your stature…

as  a  God.

Purple, orange, blue and gold,

Colors of immense beauty,

wild stories told…

beckoning ever,

they shall never grow old.

Sailing forever across the sky,

we’ll meet you there,

when its our time to fly.

Glimpsing orange streaks,

astonishingly bold,

a brightly lit palette,

is ours to behold.

Your legacy lives on,

we gratefully acknowledge the bond,

and see forever your spirit,

in the Florida sky.



Endless Spirit

Time cannot erase

the loving embrace,

of my brothers and sisters,

the peace on their faces.

Once we were together to claim,

the unity of the One Love,

the calling we name…


Our hearts feel the pull,

of that long ago time,

recalling the details we put into place,

to call upon at will.

Each forever holds a key,

to the Open Heart…

in order to feel it,

one need only to see…

The Way.

Tis a different path for you than for me,

Yet we have a gift to share,

and to believe…

The Word.

The time to mourn is past,

for our way of life,

tis over now,

As we know, it would not last.

Hearts hold the key,

to the endless spirit,

a past to conceal,

we commune to receive,

and  undoubtedly feel…

a lifetime of love.


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