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Happy Easter!

Daily Inspiration


And as she found herself alone,

on distant shores

he once did roam…

the vigil of the time bemoaned,

collapsing in grief

she painfully owned.

Paralyzed by fear and doubt,

knowing faith…

she brought to bear,

dusting sand from face and hair,

kneeling, standing, then in stride,

she felt his spirit by her side.

Connection made…

now feeling strength,

mounting her steed,

with longing sighs,

as the ensuing journey–

does belie,

her destiny…

not to be denied.

Onward sojourners

light the way,

with the message of the day.

Now and forever

Be the Love

as above,

so below.

Tis all there is…

Tis all we know.

Beyond the Veil

Ancients followed

the well worn path

to preserve…

what is now our past.

The truth now

will set us free,

in the shadow of

the wisdom tree.

Druids, fairies, tiny Gnomes

scattering unseen

as we roam.

The silent Forest

stands before us,

particles of light

shower the dearest

of our clan…

enlightening magic

passing on

filling the void.

Silent Forest

lend your ear,

gather to embrace

in this chosen year.

Fire Dreams

Smell of fire smoke

fills the air,

dreams percolate

leading to dragon’s lair

waiting for a

maiden fair….

ready to swallow

in one bite…

dueling in midair,

who will smite,

save the day,

only you can-

the fairies say.

Come, come and fan

the flames to life,

saving the Maiden

from pain and death,

burning the dragon

with its own breath.

Follow your dreams

and start a new life,

saving yourself

to share the light.



Remembering Dad

On this day

in earthly time,

he went away

to flee the pain.

His life of service–

to Country

to Family

to Marriage,

of all these…

he taught us true,

the first is Love

to see us through.

We feel the loss

with remembrance of …

a certain way

to over gloss,

conditions which

shape our loss.

To honor lessons

given to

the way we live

and honor him,

but most of all

we remember…




Into the vortex

we can transcend

who we are

begins again.

Breathing new life

until the spark,

kindles the flame,

seeking air

rising higher…

no longer in pain.

Releasing bonds

burning hot,

no more ties,

no more lies,

no more covering our eyes.

The flame burns free

it is alive

a bonfire now

screaming the creed.

On ones own ..

the path is near,

drawing us in …

white hot light,

passing the vibe,

out of sight,

now is the time

to live a true life.


Dawn surrounds us

lightning phase…

laying foundations,

deep below

allowing freedom

we do not know,

until such time,

life drags us down,

into the abyss

of human love,

signaling a phase

of letting go…

Grief and heartache

bliss and then,

flying free

we can ascend.



Deeper than ocean

Stronger than streams,

Following destiny

in silent screams…

No one can hear

a heart in motion,

churning the past,

feeling devotion.

Why? We still ask,

is this  the case,

knowing the answer,

rising to the task.

Feeling the person,

Feeling the pain,

Feeling a presence,

with profound love…

connection is vast

rising above.

Witnessing life

as it rhymes,

till joined again …

for all time.

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