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Dear Readers:

I am mindful of the aspect of fear that many of you are facing now and in the days to come. In an effort to assist you all, please know that we can work together in a one on one session. You can just email me or ping me on social media to schedule. My Instagram is @a_practical_guide_to_awareness  and Facebook is the same.

What would a one on session involve? We will target your fear or feelings that result in fear and we will practice a strategy to overcome that fear, as well as discuss it. Utilizing deep breath work,  and instructions to clear your mind, we will arrive at a balanced state and clarity of  mind will ensue.

After the session we will communicate and you will be provided with daily tips to get through the difficulties.  Soon you will automatically provide yourself the healing or calmness or balanced alignment you require as an individual.

Remember, we are all units of divine consciousness so the trust you place in the higher power, what you wish to call it, God, Goddess, Consciousness, or Creator, is the way toward freedom from fear.

Creating space in your day to reflect, go inward and clear your mind will only help to serve you in the days ahead. Namaste Dear Ones! img_6586

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5 Steps to Increased Self Awareness

Check out my new online course!

If you still feel like something is missing in life, and you can’t find your true purpose, you will find it in my course designed to help you become self- aware. Being in the present moment, creating space in your day, self-care, and committing to awareness all contribute to finding fulfillment in your life. Click on this link for more details.

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