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Full Moon Vibration

Hearts open wide,

Love pouring in…

Not wanting to hide!

Now is the time..

ebb and flow,

welcome it in or let it go.

Love is the key…

turning the tide,

Love is divine,

changing a life.

Surrender the fear,

be in the light…

Know it is meant for you,

Sweet and so dear.

Know it is meant..

Know it is true,

Don’t look back,

It’s waiting for you.

Love is the answer…

channel your dreams,

Know it’s ok to truly believe!

Daily Thought

The Path We Choose

As the landscape does arise,

We see the path with open eyes,

The landscape shows us

all the light,

But do we choose it in this life?

Are you leading unafraid,

to the life your soul has made?

Do you feel the joy each day,

finding passion along the way…

Or do you stay in fear and strife,

disillusioned small and dark?

Will you fight for what is yours,

by your birth—- it is your right.

To shine and glow just like a star.

To be yourself and unafraid,

For those who cannot see…

inching slowly out of a self made cave,

Once you step onto the path, showing grace, moving on,

the way is there in all its beauty.

The way is there for all to share,

The way is there for your soul’s sake.

Leading, leading to the place,

to the world that you create!

Daily Thought

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Daily Thought

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