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Mindfulness Meditation vs Medication for Anxiety

A new study on anxiety in JAMA Psychiatry shows a mindfulness program works as well as the popular anti-anxiety medication Lexapro. This story from NPR points out the benefits and side effects of medication vs mindfulness meditation, and how utilizing the two together is also a positive option.

But what about both? Mindfulness meditation has been around for thousands of years. Certainly, working with a teacher to understand the techniques of breath work, and mindfulness and how they work together to help one observe the anxious thoughts rather than to listen to them, is optimal. There are also apps one can download that work well and are a convenient method.

All of our efforts to slow our lives down and practice mindfulness takes time, but isn’t that the point? Self care is healthcare and if we don’t take care of ourselves as individuals, who will?

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What to read to become a better writer | The Economist

Fortunately for anyone seeking to become a better writer, the works recommended here provide enlightenment and reassurance. Yes, writing is hard. But if you can first grasp the origins and qualities of bad writing, you may learn to diagnose and cure problems in your own prose (keeping things simple helps a lot).
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