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A Mother’s Heart

The trail of tears

run down my face,

leaving tracks

none could trace.

With anguished heart

keeping pace,

overflowing love

spills through

my eyes,

and gently drowns

as reality I face.

Burgeoning emotion

causal tide,

returning to the ocean,

rushing wide,

all in motion

an unforgiving space.

Empty vessel

mother lode,

sings to the heavens

for a heart to hold,

slowing vanishing…

as forever told.




Sunday sermon calling my name,

listen closely,

to mermaids dancing in the waves…

Diving, swimming, deeper I go,

deeper and deeper to Atlantis I rode,

breathing the water with aqualungs,

soon I’ll arrive in the promised land.

Gliding, sliding in an intuitive leap,

guiding me to a dreamlike sleep,

far from reality,

to my ancient home.

In the beginning,

in the sea,

take me there O friendly seahorse,

let me be,

where I belong,

where I am free.




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