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Grief and Self Care; managing and surviving intact. | VibrantNu

Grief and Self Care; managing and surviving intact. | VibrantNu
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And then they rose

up through the stars,

Unto a place

some never know.

Calling on magic

Blessed spirits…

Feeling freedom

Loved ones nearest,

So clear now,

What it is,

A rise to beauty, love and light,

And now I see it,

In all its might.

We must believe

in our visions,

to conceive,

what consciousness holds.

Trusting creation

allowing all to unfold.

When we do so

Miracles appear…

When we do

There is no more fear!

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Daily Inspiration

Daily Thought

Golden Sorrow

Passing by a fallen tree

feeling sorrow

on bended knee.

I tread burnished leaves,

as Golden threads,

Seeing the light

filter through,

feeling the divine

inspired web.

Falling leaves

like tears…

shedding all my sorrow,

fills my heart

no need to borrow,

onward to the setting sun,

gliding on

until tomorrow.


Daily Thought


Angels wings

surround my flight,

peaceful union,

soft winds sigh.

Flying higher

as I go,

fearless leader

no more foes.

Changing now,

feeling the shift,

to higher being

without woe.

Sailing now…


seeing all

in my presence.

The stars…

light the way

tis clear.

No more body,

no more fear.

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