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International Self Care Day

Happy Sunday! Today is International Self-Care Day. Established by the International Self-Care Foundation to raise awareness about its importance in relation to healthy living. It is is also a reminder to always place our personal well-being first. While this week’s intention to practice self-care may conjure up visions of luxurious spa visits and ice cream indulgences self-care really means putting your emotional, physical and psychological needs first, by engaging in mindful meditation, prioritizing your time, and extending to yourself the same compassion you do your best friends, or family. These are all ways you can show yourself some love. Evidence suggests there’s power in being your own support system, so however you choose to partake, focus on treating yourself with kindness this week. Namaste.

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5 Simple Steps to Create A Mindfulness Practice

Start with a deep breath … focus on the air going into your nostrils. Hold for 4 out for 4 repeat …

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