Seeing Beyond the Ordinary

Discover the Beauty in Each Day

Summer Solstice

Trails of magic

in the sky,

pointing the way,

guarding our flight,

with Luna’s might.

Diving and twirling

with delight,

the clouds our partners,

throughout the night.

Speeding onward,

faster than light,

racing to our destination,

arriving before sunrise,

all good is possible,

in this guise.

Onward we travel,

the path gives rise,

to beautiful dreams

we seek during day,

now we can hold them,

as we go our own way,

creating Heaven on Earth

this very day!

Painting Reality

Morning sunlights brings the rain

Heavens floating within our grasp,

whispering Angels silently glide,

sooting angst and pain inside.

Light rain falling washes away,

Tears of night time,

falling into day,

time to affirm a bright new way,

moving, stretching, learning still…

Building the hope,

a heartbeat of good will.

Know yoursef as divine,

accept the knowledge,

be still…

see the world as you wish it to be

then create a painting for me.



Soul Dance

Surrounded by Angels,

I join in the dance,

twirling through blue skies,

leaving nothing to chance.

Survival our mission,

flying to help…

those in the grip of,

an enduring embrace,

with fear and uncertainty

allowing joy to pass by.

The frozen stand still,

unable to move…

gripped by the notion,

invisible to prove

they are the child,

who once ran free,

believing in fairies…

and make believe,

fearless and stalwart,

casting lines in the breeze.

Today is the day

we heal the clan,

those we were given,

as part of the plan.

To grow up together,

and stand in the fight,

circling the wagons,

to do what is right,

hearing with certitude,

our clarion call,

as the time arrives…

bidding farewell to it all.

Always together,

our souls joined as one,

time does not matter,

we love till the sun …

is setting on existence,

human bodies done,

we fly to the heavens

circling the sun.



Lingering light surrounds the dusk,

spanning daylight bids us good night,

as though we must…

sail to dreamland in sweetening slumber,

make a wish and say good night!



The Path

Sacred energy flowing through,

walking the path,

leads us to…

the promised land

of golden dust,

lights the way,

allowing trust.

Ancients stood here

long before,

leaving soul prints,

always seeking,

sensing promise,

on the cusp.

Yielding forward,

transformation occurs,

binding our soul group

to the core.



The Voice Within

I write the verse

in dead of night,

the very words

will save a life,

and future souls,

to keep the faith,

burning the light.

Imagine darkness

without music,

without art,

paint a picture

of the world…

without love.

To begin again,

from day to day,

know it is the only way,

a calling,

a mission,

a driving force…

the word of ancients

tells us how,

and sends us forth.

Bid the tiny voice within,

you have a gift,

listen quietly,

now embark,

on the journey

of your life,

know its right,

with little choice.

Golden Halo

Golden halo guards the night

Sentry of the silent light…

Growing, breathing, spreading warmth,

Clouds of Heaven send us forth!




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Until the dawn

the moon awakes,

finding unrest in those

of little faith,

wondering wherein lies their fate.

Waking, pacing, in the night,

moonglow lights the path,

of sleeplessness…

a bit of comfort

barely kept,

in the hearts of those who leapt,

to the call of well lit nights,

creeping in to help the fight….

of worry.

Now the dawn

it does hush the mind…

calling forth another time,

when life was simple, quiet and small,

guiding hearts  toward a wall,

where upon a name is writ,

circling doubt at heaven’s way,

how can this be,

is what they say.

But, as we go

remember this,

we are not alone,

and in those moments of darkness,

close your eyes and feel the pull,

taking you to an inward bliss.

See the light surrounding all,

know the way is there, but to say,

I trust, I love with Faith its clear,

Today is the day,

I know the way.

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