Susan began exploring self awareness in the early 80’s as a result of reading “Many Lives Many Masters,” by Brian Weiss, M.D. and attending his workshops. After moving to Atlanta as a member of the Georgia Lottery start-up team, she began a self-actualization quest which  included studying many spiritual practices, a favorite guru being Self Realization Fellowship Founder, Paramahansa Yogananda. A veteran public relations professional over a highly substantive 30 year career, she traveled the world seeking answers in her quest. She received answers while attending a Conscious Writing retreat in Glastonbury, England. There she wrote her book, A Practical Guide to Awareness, where the words poured forth in a torrent of inspiration amongst the setting of the Glastonbury Abbey ruins.

Becoming aligned with a creative consciousness provided the impetus to write and complete her books, begin a poetry blog and become a photographer. Now in final draft, on her third book, “A Practical Guide to Living Fearlessly,” to be published in late Summer.

Susan spends time in the Southeast surrounded by running streams and hundred year old trees, the coastal low country and palms and beaches of Florida, on occasion.

The goal of sharing this is to inspire you to see beyond the ordinary and find beauty in each day. Motivation toward helping you understand self awareness and how it is the key to your life is Susan’s passion and purpose! She will show you how to SEE the magic in every day so you can discover your purpose.