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Join us on Valsecrets as we discuss Magdalene Codes, as part of my book A Practical Guide to Awareness, the Divine Feminine and coming together as one. Up on YouTube today. #apracticalguidetoawareness#marymagdalene #believe #selfawareness

Daily Inspiration

Daily Inspiration

Daily Thought

Daily Thought

Easter Meaning

The feelings rise

awash in faith…

to know the one

who created the race,

with love and peace

entrusting strength,

to carry on…

amidst destruction apace.

Of Family, friends ,

of Holy Lore,

Lifetimes spent

upon the shore…

We left to further

the word of truth…

ensuring lifetimes

beyond the youth,

we bore.

Remember this…

Remember well…

We are the Souls

of which I tell.

Share the Light

Share the Word

of Love  and Faith,

to win the race.

Daily Thought

Riding High

Exit Space

To other realms…

Forgetting place,

Holding hands…

a Circle Now

in White Robes,

Signifying our bond

Through time

we stand,

Forever One

Brothers and Sisters

Feel the Love.

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